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35 min.

'Territorios de Agua' or 'Water Territories' is a collaborative project done in collaboration with Felipe Castelblanco in the Putumayo region, in the south of Colombia. 


The project is shown as a filmic installation and includes the documentary entitled  ‘Ayenan’, which means the smallest particle of life, the one that starts life and makes things possible.

The film travels through the indigenous land of the Inga, Quillacinga, Siona, and Kämsá people, showing their relationship of care and protection of the water-lands and all the ecosystems that conform the territory.  Travelling and collaborating with us was the indigenous media collective Ñambi Rimai.

Produced by Felipe Castelblanco & Kunstruktur with the support of Coincidencia_Prohelvetia.

Klingental Basel 2021

Ars Electronica 2023


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