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I work as a coach and a mentor for actors and also film directors. Anyone working for the camera that is engaged in a Creative Process.

I also offer my services either as a scriptwriter or as a script editor.


By demand, I offer Storytelling & Acting Workshops in which to engage in the discovery of one’s main ’story’. A transformative process in which personal history becomes a series of scenes, enacted as a fictional narrative. By doing this in a safe environment and with the tools of improvisation, controlled contradiction, and physicality, one’s personal voice, and hidden potentials are revealed.

Depending on the group and location, the workshops can last between three days and two weeks. Intended for professional and non-professional actors, or anyone on the path of self-discovery with the desire to change a vital narrative (or narrow-tive) and the wish to (re)connect with their inner artistic source.

My creative practice has developed working with, and learning from, Cesc Gelabert, Lindsay Kemp, Agustin Villaronga, Ursula BiemannKaspar Konig, Giles Foreman, Stefan Metz, and Ingrid Veninger among others.

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