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In Kämsá language, AYENAN means the smallest particle of live, the one that starts life and make things possible.


Ayenan, or Territorios de Agua, is a documentary  and filmic installation about how the Inga, Quillacinga, Siona and Kämsá people - indigenous from the Putumayo, in the south of Colombia - understand the concept of Territory and nourish their relationship with the land and the water-lands.

Ayenan is a journey upriver, from the river Putumayo to the Páramo fields, one of the three sources of the Amazon river and a sacred hydric home. 


The installation contains various films made in collaboration with Felipe Castelblanco and the indigenous media collective Ñambi Rimai.

Ausstellung Kingental.

Helmhaus Zuerich

Ars Electrónica 2023

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